Healthwise: Thankful for the free clinic at Lubbock Impact

Each pair of feet has a different story to tell. What they all have in common is what they don’t have, insurance, in a world where health care revolves around coverage.

  HEALTHWISE: Say No to Sex Trafficking

Amarillo man tells story of diagnosis and recovery from polio-like illness

TTU looking to build muscle in postmenopausal women

Whisking away cancer with a wiry tool

Healthwise: Trauma Education and Survivor Celebration

Test strips allow you to check for marijuana at school or home

Continued Coverage

American Cancer Society awards $5,000 to UMC for transportation help

Healthwise: fighting opioid addiction with medication cleanout

Annual memorial service for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness

Correcting misconceptions about bariatric surgery with Dr. Amir Aryaie

Doctor explains Partially Collapsed Lung Recovery

Doctors providing flu shots for doctors

UMC’s pastoral care to host PTSD, suicide prevention symposium

University Medical Center will host a two-day symposium that started on Thursday and will end on Friday that will cover practical ways of coping with traumatic experiences and helping others who suffered from those types of experiences.

Logging miles to help fight childhood cancer

The cancer research team at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center is hoping you’ll log every mile you walk, run or cycle this month...

Covenant offering mobile mammography screening to help fight breast cancer

Early detection is the key to surviving breast cancer, and if you live outside Lubbock, you don't have to drive over here to get screened.

Possible warning signs of childhood cancer

When a child has pain, it's easy for parents to worry about the worst possible scenario, cancer.

  United Blood Serves gets new name after 65 years

Colonoscopy Helps Later Generations

TTUHSC School of Medicine announces $20.5 million in new 2018 research grants

Second grade class helps 7-year-old celebrate clear cancer scan

Man recovering after snake bite thanks medical staff and phone app

Tips to avoid back to school germs

ACS provides grant for transportation of cancer patients

The UMC Foundation was awarded a Community Transportation Grant in the amount of $5,000 for the Southwest Cancer Center to utilize for patient transportation.

Back to School: Beware of Athlete’s Foot

We all know that frequent hand washing can prevent the spread of illness, but what about your feet?

Allergy season hits West Texas early

The smoke from wildfires and pollutants are heavy in the air right now, but what is really causing sneezes and sniffles across West Texas?

Covenant, UMC celebrating neonatal designations

Both Covenant and UMC have been bumped up to a Level 4 in their neonatal intensive care units.

Training to be a Mental Health Hero

Similar to 'First Aid' and CPR, there is something called 'Youth Mental Health First Aid'. It teaches you how to help young people who might be going through a crisis.

New program to help first responders deal with emotional stress

The Critical Incident Stress Management Team with University Medical Center EMS is reaching out to the region to help their colleagues deal with the emotional stress leading to an increasing number of suicides among first responders.

  Protecting your child from Meningitis and other back to school bugs

Going off to college means a new lifestyle and new living quarters. With that, comes a new risk for meningitis, particularly among college students living in small spaces and sharing drinks.

Unresolved back pain could lead to bigger issues

You may think back pain is just a fact of life, but when it can't be controlled with over the counter pain relievers, then what?

Dr. Dalton’s personal plea for vaccinations

Dr. Jeremy Dalton, another Lubbock pediatrician talked to the media on Wednesday to emphasize the same back to school assignment for families.

Save your jaw, find oral cancer early

If you're concerned about something in your mouth, especially if it's causing pain, see your doctor.

Lubbock Air Force veteran shows off his new smile

Charles Martin is showing off a new smile thanks to the Smiles for Soldiers program and Dr. Robert Ioppolo of Hill & Ioppolo Oral and Facial Surgeons of Lubbock.

Man shrinks after doctors remove 50 pound kidneys

An average kidney is the size of your fist, which is why doctors at the Mayo Clinic say they believe they have removed the largest kidneys in the world.